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Born and raised in the quintessential military family, Barbara Gaillard always pauses for just a second when asked “where she’s from.” Is it where she was born — Evreux Air Force Base, France? Where she graduated from high school – Wiesbaden, Germany? Where she lived/worked for nearly two years for a telemedicine company in South Africa? Does length of stay count? Or is a hometown more than just geography: somewhere a piece of the heart remains, even after years go by? Luckily, most people settle for the answer designating where she currently sleeps at night.

Barbara’s TV spec IN PLAIN SIGHT: “Innominate Patris” earned her a semi-final slot in the Disney | ABC Television Writing Fellowship Program (top 40). Her scripts THE DEAD ZONE: “Cumulus” and GILMORE GIRLS: “The Last Supper” have twice won the Spec Scriptacular contest, sponsored by (first and third place).Her screenplay TAKE-DOWN (action-drama) placed in the Austin Film Festival Top 10% and Project Greenlight Top 250.

Long-arc’ed dramas like BILLIONS and SCANDAL are Barbara’s strong suit. Although she also has a penchant for action (old-school ALIAS and 24) and the mystical (bring back BUFFY!) She has three drama pilots, two current specs, several shorts, and a scripted travel show pilot available upon request.

While working for the White House, the State Department, and now as Senior Assistant to the owner of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team provides an endless supply of story ideas and dramatic characters, she will leave those particular tales to others (or change the names to protect the innocent), as she is held to an iron-clad confidentiality agreement …

Barbara has passport, will travel, adventure, and live to talk about it. On the page and on the screen. Where words and pictures are king and lessons can be learned and shared to best effect.


TV Pilot Scripts

COME-BACK:  “He She Comes Again”
Out to reconquer the record charts, newly rehab’ed R&B queen AlEma “comes back” — literally — when a fiery car accident thrusts her back in time to the very start of her career.  Only this time, she’s a spirit, whose mission is to prevent her younger, talented self from following the path of drugs, sex, and rock’n’roll that led to her mysterious death.

THE LONG RUN:  “ With Far Intent”
In a desperate bid to stay together, the recently orphaned Merritt children “adopt” the mysterious female bandit who saves them when a band of outlaws attacks their San Francisco-bound train. But Clancy only views them as a human shield, and their lives are now one big long run … A ruthless pursuit by the gang who thinks she double-crossed them, the marshal who wants to see justice served, and someone way above the law who wants those children back – dead or alive.

SUNDERLAND FALLS :  « Paradigm »
Olivia Riley is America’s beloved TV icon, for whom crowds still turn out twenty years later.  Olivia Riley is a respected conservationist, building an animal rescue foundation in Africa, in memory of her late husband … Until her death in a small aircraft accident off the airport of Sunderland Falls …  But it’s all lies — that unravel the legend she’s carefully crafted and the family she cherishes, when she returns to them from parts unknown, very much alive, five years later.

TV Spec Scripts

BROTHERS & SISTERS:  “Friendly Fire”
In the wake of Saul’s AIDS diagnosis, Nora struggles to navigate the fine line between supporting and alienating.  Meanwhile, Justin returns from his second stint in Iraq an unexpected, reluctant hero. And Kitty’s campaign for Robert’s Senate seat implodes under rumors of his infidelity.

THE DEAD ZONE:  “Cumulus” (winner, competition)
Struck with a vision of a fiery plane crash, Johnny impetuously takes the doomed flight, determined to avert the disaster.  But once onboard, it’s a race against time and the other passengers to locate the unknown assailant and avoid mass destruction.

GILMORE GIRLS:  “The Last Supper” (Top Three, competition)
Lorelai’s dream inn is finally available, but there’s just one catch – she must compete with Taylor to own it.  Meanwhile, Rory’s allegiance to her mother is tested when Jess’ jealousy of Dean overrides his good sense.

IN PLAIN SIGHT:  “Innominate Patris” (Top 40 out of 6,000 – ABC|Disney TV Writing Fellowship Program)
When a WITSEC lifer disappears in transit to her latest relocation on Mary and Marshall’s watch, is there more to the story than just a case of “crying wolf”?

ONCE AND AGAIN:  “At Any Given Moment”
A school scandal threatens to expose Jessie and Katie’s “friendship,” while Judy’s 
relationship woes impact her status as Grace’s lifelong role model.

PROFILER:  “Consummation”
Bailey Malone and an embattled VCTF rush to assist former Profiler Sam Waters, who is forced to confront past secrets when someone claiming to be dead nemesis Jack of All Trades kidnaps her daughter, Chloe.

TV Series Concepts:

They have it all – money, fame, good looks, fortune, the red carpet treatment.  But somehow, they just can’t keep it together.  Alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, “fatigue,” depression, face lifts … Where are you gonna go when the antics du jour put your celebrity status at risk?  Heaven’s Gate Celebrity Rehabilitation Center – “the” spot to get  “rehab’ed.”

In a high-tech era where money walks and crime often has cyber-banking roots, the unorthodox investigators of the inter-agency Financial Action Task Force (FATF) use undercover operations, electronic surveillance, intelligence data and “other” resources to fight the financial front of the war against crime.

“I can do anything” Boston law grad MICHAEL ST. JOHN unexpectedly inherits his grandmother’s failing woman’s fitness center — equipped with a sassy 80’s aerobics queen and a meddling group of over-65 golden girls, who’ll stop at nothing to keep  « their » place business as usual, profit or no profit.


TAKE-DOWN (Top 250 out of 10,000, Project Greenlight)
When a WACO-style siege goes bad, an undercover U.S. Marshal is blamed for the death of the militia leader’s young daughter.  Now, he must fight the system he has sworn to serve and uncover the truth behind the tragedy – before the real killer takes him down.

When a criminal from her spy-Mom’s mysterious past reappears to exact his revenge, Lara Compton must join forces with an unlikely ally to save her – the MIA father, who was once her mother’s partner, and has been pursuing them for years.

Short Film Scripts

In the Egyptian desert, an archaeologist and his wife discover just how high is too high a price to pay for an exceptional rug with a very fine weave.

Peter Schlanski mourns the passing of his beloved grandfather, unknowingly next in line for a dark family legacy. Because the mom-and pop barber shop he inherits comes with strings attached that may end up destroying all he loves and is … if he refuses.

In a heavily-contested national election, the owner of a Chinese restaurant becomes the new voice of America — and cashes in.

On jay-walking Amanda Moore’s official “worst day ever,” a head-on collision with an out-of-control yellow cab lands her in the emergency room with a severe concussion.  And something more …  Her very own version of an “easy button” – that transforms her life and the lives of everyone around her.

Reality TV Scripts

INDOOR GIRL’S GUIDE TO SAVING THE WORLD (co-written with Michelle Johnson)
Inspired by a desire to give back to the planet while seeing the world, a thirty-something “indoor girl” travels to non-traditional vacation spots and participates in hands-on, charitable projects, while exploring and enjoying local cultures.

Commercial Scripts
LINCOLN MKS CAR COMMERCIAL:  “Indescribable” (Finalist  – Filmaka competition)
A high school reunion brings Sharon thoughts of what could have been and what might yet be.  In matching Lincoln MKS’es.



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